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The Humming Birds


The Humming Birds—Amelia Crofts Dailey, Juliet Seals, Genevieve Bogan Dozier, and Lua Crofts-Faragher—began performing together in December 2010. Amelia is the daughter of Dash Crofts and Juliet is the daughter of James Seals. Their fathers performed under the name of Seals and Crofts, a very successful duo that recorded many hit songs all through the 1970s, such as Summer Breeze, Diamond Girl, Get Closer, We May Never Pass This Way Again, and many others.

Genevieve is the daughter of Joseph Bogan, the recording engineer for Seals and Crofts. Not surprisingly, this trio has close family ties: Genevieve and Amelia are first cousins.They play and sing in praise of God and have committed their talents to the celebration of the Baha'i Faith, using music as their vehicle through which they hope will contribute to the happiness and transformation of sad and despondent hearts.

They love what they do and have experienced a kind of spiritual joy that keeps them focused on what they perceive to be the best service they can offer humanity. They are convinced that music is the ladder that leads each soul to a closer relationship with their Creator.

Lua Crofts is the other daughter of Dash Crofts and is Amelia's older sister. She has recorded and sung professionally for many years both in the United States and Europe. Now the mother of 3 children, Lua's second passion, interior design, has opened the door for other opportunities which enables her to more easily merge parenthood with work. She was awarded a full scholarship at the prestigious Watkins College of Art, Design & Film and will soon complete her studies, having won many first place awards for her interior designs.

Baha'is everywhere are familiar with Lua, as she sings for many of our Holy Days and Unity Feast Programs. While her favorite style of music as a singer is R&B soul, her talents are far reaching. One famous vocal coach told her many years ago that she should seriously think about becoming an opera singer because of her four octave range and the purity of her voice.

She, like her sister Amelia, enjoys teaching the Faith through performance, realizing as her sister does, that the best instrument for the promotion of unity among people is through music, the universal language!


Enjoy this wonderful video from the 70s - featuring Seals & Crofts performing "Hummingbird"

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